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HP e3000, CFMX and datetime

We have a customer using the ODBC minisoft driver and the ODBC Socket driver (from CFMX) to connect to an HP e3000 legacy system. We are currently trying to get the JDBC driver to work, but that's a different story. The purpose of this entry is to detail a particularly tricky variance that seems to only affect this particular e3000 to ODBC to JDBC Socket setup. The reason it's worth a blog entry is because we spent 4 or 5 hours beating our heads against the wall - and we can save you a couple of concussions if you ever run into the same issue. So, if you have any projects using the e3000 and Coldfusion you might want to read on.


Coldfusion, MInisoft ODBC & the HP e3000

We were recently tasked with troubleshooting a sick system that consisted of a CF 4.5 server connected to an HPe3000. The HPe3000 is a legacy system (as is CF 4.5) with data stored in a native image file system. Data is keyed, queued and cached for retrieval according to a schema. In the case of CF 4.5 we were using an ODBC driver that made the data look like more typical tables.

This entry describes the problem and our efforts. I would like to acknowledge Michael Gueterman of Easy Does It Technologies for providing many useful ideas and directions to help our effort. He sent me at least 3 lengthy emails with extra insight into the HPe3000 and answers to my questions. We made a great deal of progress based on his advice. If you have an interest in troubleshooting or CF with HP, read on..


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