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I was privileged to appear on a local radio show called "Success in Action" on Saturday March 25th). The host is popular local business Coach Jim Barger. He works for "Action Coach" - an organization with which I was unfamiliar. But I found his low key approach (devoid of the usual Rah-Rah marketing hype) refreshing, and he had many insightful comments for me both on and off the air. The show explores strategies for successful business growth. It was fun and exciting to be able to talk about where we have been and where we are going. Check it out.

Ryan Stille's Gravatar Cool! What station was this on? Was it here in Omaha?
# Posted By Ryan Stille | 3/27/12 1:02 PM
Mark Kruger's Gravatar @Ryan,

Yes... KCRO 660 am.

# Posted By Mark Kruger | 3/27/12 1:09 PM
Jake Churchill's Gravatar Just listened. This was cool. Next step... TV!
# Posted By Jake Churchill | 3/27/12 1:34 PM
Mark Kruger's Gravatar @jake,

I'll let you do the TV - I have a face for radio (ha).

# Posted By Mark Kruger | 3/27/12 1:39 PM
Mark Kruger's Gravatar FYI - the web site for the radio show is
# Posted By Mark Kruger | 3/27/12 1:44 PM
Ryan Stille's Gravatar Just finished listening. I thought it went really well. Glad you got in a mention of the user group!
# Posted By Ryan Stille | 3/30/12 12:35 AM

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