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Multi-Monitor Tip

For those of you using more than one monitor and using windows 7, I just accidentally discovered something that is pretty cool. Select a window on one of your screens. Hold down the windows key and the shift key and then use the right or left arrow keys to move it between your various monitors. That's something I do all day long - move various windows between my three monitors to make space for one thing or another. I suppose it's not new to some of you out there - but I thought it was nifty :)
Chris Tierney's Gravatar Cool! I also like the native full window drag and snap. XP you had to restore the window, drag, then maximize.

Also try dragging it to the screen edges and corners, or grab the title bar and shake!

Get some of this functionallity on XP via
# Posted By Chris Tierney | 2/16/10 6:44 PM
John Gag's Gravatar Thanks for the tip. I am going to use this all day. I am constantly dragging windows around and this is gonna make it easier. Thanks again!
# Posted By John Gag | 2/16/10 8:20 PM
Alexander T's Gravatar Same here, great tip. But I want to ask you, how did you add 3 monitors? It tells me I can only have 2!?
# Posted By Alexander T | 2/16/10 11:42 PM
Charlie Arehart's Gravatar Good stuff, Mark. I'd been meaning to blog about it myself. And there's just a little more to this.

I hit upon it myself because I used a tool that did a similar thing in Vista/XP, called WinKey (which adds all sort of useful functionality using the Windows key), and one of its default behaviors is that when you do windows-up arrow, it maximizes a window, and windows-down arrow "restores" it.

Well, I hit that out of habit on my new Windows 7 machine and learned that it now does that natively (they love to "embrace and extend" existing ideas, right?)

So, you had mentioned doing shift-windows-right/left arrow to move the window to the right/left, but I'll note as well that if you don't hold the shift key, the windows-right/left arrow will instead move the window to the right or left of the current monitor (which has its own value sometimes). If the window was maximized, it will auto "restore" it so that it's no longer maximized, as it moves it to the right or left of the monitor. Doing that action one more time will move it off the monitor to the next one.

So technically one has choices: shift-windows-right/left arrow to move the window (maximized or not) to the next monitor at once (where it stays in the state it was, maximized or not), or don't use the shift key and do it in two steps (to the side, then to the next monitor), for what that's worth.

All in all, nifty stuff, and so valuable for those of us that use a mouse only as a last resort! :-)
# Posted By Charlie Arehart | 2/17/10 9:51 AM
Mark Kruger's Gravatar @alexander,

That's really a hardware issue. You can have 4 or 5 monitors with the right kind of hardware :) I'm using an Nvidia twin DVI card (512 Ram) with the GeoForce 8100 chipset running through an x14 PCIe slot. My Mainboard (motherboard) has an onboard Nvidia chip with the 6100 chipset running VGA through the AGP port. I enabled both of these in the BIOS and installed appropriate drivers. This was a bit more of a challenge in XP, but in Win7 they all were correctly sensed. FYI - I always add the monitor driver if I can find it - just in case there are modes the monitor supports of which the chipset driver is unaware.


You rock - that is a great tip. My windows are flying around my monitors now like little butterflys :)
# Posted By Mark Kruger | 2/17/10 10:23 AM
Mark Kruger's Gravatar @Chris,

Sorry - missed your comment. That title bar shaking thing is really cool. Basically it knocks out (minimizes) all the other windows on all screens. I love it.
# Posted By Mark Kruger | 2/17/10 10:26 AM
K-Sea's Gravatar @ Alexander T
On my laptop I use the VGA port and then this UV Plus+ usb adapter for the 3rd monitor.
# Posted By K-Sea | 2/17/10 12:52 PM

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