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My Little Girl is All Grown Up... and Saving China

I apologize to regular Muse readers for taking a short sentimental journey. You might want a tissue. Oh... if you don't understand the title I added a note at the end of this post.

Life is change and change is hard. My daughter Jasmine moved into Creighton University on Saturday. Creighton is right here in Omaha - 15 minutes from my house. Yet even though we picked her up and took her to church with us yesterday I still feel a yawning hole in my heart. It is unlike summer camp or band trips or even the time she went to Nicaragua. Nothing will every really be the same for my wife and I from this moment on. We are officially embarking on our empty nest (one down, two to go).

As for Jasmine, she is the epitome of what a daughter should be. She is smart - I mean really scary smart as in the Nobel Prize committee should be checking up on her. She is sharp and witty too. She is nerdy just like her father and brothers. She is a caring and positive young woman with a natural energy and warmth so like her mother. In 18 years she has never given me cause to fear her judgment. She never used the air bags on the car. She never earned less than an A. She never broke curfew. She has never been sent to the principal's office. She has chosen her friends wisely. She has never failed to live up to and exceed our expectations. This is not the hyperbole of a doting father. It is the truth with my hand up. If she could learn to clean out her car and straighten her room I'd say she was perfect.

Jasmine fishing So here's to you Jasmine. I hope your college experience is everything you want it to be and more. I hope you find a passion for something that energizes you for the rest of your life. I hope your mind expands and opens to new and dizzying heights. I hope you find friends and companions who love and accept you and encourage you like you encourage others. Most of all I hope and pray that you will continue to grow in grace and wisdom as you embark on this new season of life. Meanwhile, hang in there and remember, the kettle is always on for you at home. I'm up for baking you a pie and the boys are always ready to bake cookies :). See you on Sunday.

FYI for Muse readers: The title is a line by Mushu, the little dragon played by Eddie Murphy in the Disney movie "Mulan". It is one line of many from various movies that are repeated around the Kruger household - to the chagrin of Mrs. Kruger I might add. Now back to our regularly scheduled technical programming.

Jared Legg's Gravatar Congrats Mark! I hope to do as good of a job with my daughter. 17 more years and she starts college. It is all going by sooo fast!

God bless your daughter.
# Posted By Jared Legg | 8/24/09 3:30 PM
Jazz's Gravatar I don't know what to say- thanks dad- I couldn't have asked for a better family and every day (at least for the past two days =) ) I'm happier and happier that I'm still close to home =) I'll remember that pie promise
I love you
ps. I cracked up as soon as I read that title =)
# Posted By Jazz | 8/24/09 3:52 PM
Mike Brunt's Gravatar This is a marvelous thread and I have gone through such things twice and I empathize entirely with you Mark. Recently I had my 16 year old granddaughter come over from England to stay with me for 8 days, we introduced each other to the other's world, it was incredible. I wish you and your family the very best of good fortune.
# Posted By Mike Brunt | 8/24/09 7:15 PM

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