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Joe Rinehart on Sys-Con's Propaganda

I don't usually favor chain blogging, but I thought this was worth repeating. I was reading a post by Coldfusion legend Ben Forta that he wrote on Oct 12th - immediately after sys-con published their now infamous Coldfusion demise article. Ben (as always) was succinct and took exactly the right tone in my opinion. It was while reading the comments however, that I stumbled onto a comeback that makes my top 10 list for funniest flames. Model-glue guru Joe Rinehart quoted the infinite monkey theorem:

"Given an infinite amount of monkeys, an infinite amount of typewriters, and an infinite amount of time, they'd eventually write Hamlet."
Then he followed it up by saying that if you applied the theorem to the sys-con article it would take "...two monkeys (one deceased), one typewriter and ten minutes" to produce it.

Thanks Joe. That was precious. It's the one deceased that really had me cackling. I'll put that one in my quip arsenal.

Ryan TJ's Gravatar CF, undead and it wants your brains. Monkey brains and all.
# Posted By Ryan TJ | 10/17/07 9:48 AM
Joe Rinehart's Gravatar Glad I amuse :)
# Posted By Joe Rinehart | 10/17/07 10:40 AM

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