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Whoopsie - MM Weblogs Have a Bad Day

I know I shouldn't feel good about this, and I dearly love Macromedia for providing me a splendid income, but it does my heart good to know that the best minds in the indistry don't think of everything (ha). I went to check my Click Report on the weblog site ( and I was greeted with an error:

Application.queries.FeedResults is undefined

...or something like that. It was only there for a few moments I'm sure - but it was enough to bring a slight smile to my weary face. Yes, I know I know "Love does not delight in evil".

(Alex Y. posted a screen shot of the error on his blog.)

Brandon Harper's Gravatar The click report for my site has /never/ worked.

Returns this error:

"Unable to connect to endpoint;

I did actually report the error when it was in beta, but it looks like it's still a problem...
# Posted By Brandon Harper | 7/26/05 5:34 PM

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