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I like checking Ray Camden's blog and I'm always amazed at the number of posts he manages to produce. Some blogs do little more than post recommendations to other blogs in a cyber version of "button button who's got the button" (not that there's anything wrong with that). Ray's blog, however, is replete with helpful information and interesting tips and tidbits. While I was wondering to myself how he managed to come up with so many interesting posts - sometimes several a day - I remembered his neat little "ask a Jedi" pod. He calls the little widgets in the right hand side bar of blogcfc "pods" - things like calendar, ads, search etc. I've seen him write in response to questions posed by readers, so I thought to myself, "that's where he gets some of his ideas." I wrote to Ray asking for the pod to "ask a Jedi". He responded (and I quote), "Sure, but all it does is send email. Do you really need my code for that?" Uh... no not really. Thanks though Ray - I'm sure your use of CFMAIL is all we have come to expect of you (ha). Anyway, I've created "ask a muse" in a blatant copycat attempt to ilicit more feedback from my audience. Ask away... If I can't answer I can always forward them to ray :)

Raymond Camden's Gravatar It's not just cfmail - its cfJEDImail!
# Posted By Raymond Camden | 12/14/05 2:59 PM
Ryan Guill's Gravatar hmm, maybe I should add a "ask a roman emperor" pod...
# Posted By Ryan Guill | 12/14/05 3:06 PM
mkruger's Gravatar I like it! Do you want my code?
# Posted By mkruger | 12/14/05 3:11 PM
Ryan Guill's Gravatar haha, shoot, why not. Ill put it in tonight or tomorrow when I attempt an upgrade of my blogcfc...
# Posted By Ryan Guill | 12/14/05 3:12 PM
bob's Gravatar your onsubmit javascript is wrong.. when you copied it you forgot to change the variable names.
# Posted By bob | 12/14/05 3:45 PM
mkruger's Gravatar Thanks Bob...
# Posted By mkruger | 12/14/05 3:51 PM
free articles's Gravatar great info
# Posted By free articles | 6/24/07 11:45 AM
rugs's Gravatar That only works, I guess, if you have lots of traffic and have something people need advice on all the time. He definitely has a good idea there, and I'm sure you've found yourself with lots more to write on since you've added your own version.
Maybe, though, you should have called it something like 'ask an elf' or something like that. Ok, cheesy, I'm sorry.
Anyway, no questions here. Just trying to find ideas for my blog too. So, that is indeed a great idea... thanks!
# Posted By rugs | 11/27/07 8:03 AM
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