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Bob Followup - Recommended Reading

Eric Sink wrote that "...a developer is a "programmer" who contributes in non-coding ways. That is so succinct I almost wet my pants. That's exactly the sort of person I'm looking for when I hire someone. Thanks to Zwetan (sorry I don't have a full name or web address) for recommending this excellent blog post titled No Great Hackers by Eric Sink of SourceGear. It's a review of Paul Grahams great hackers essay. It has both some parallels and some counterpoints to my Bob Post.

Speaking of this morning's post I received some excellent comments. Obviously some of you very talented and productive people are afraid I'm referring to you. I'm reasonably sure that no Bob would ever read my blog - so you are quite safe. Let me just take the time to say that I deeply appreciate anyone who would take the time to contribute to any post of mine. The comments are virtually always helpful and instructive.

zwetan's Gravatar ok surely too late on the comment,
but my full name is zwetan Kjukov
and you can find my blog here: :).

My comment about "good bob" was more about some situation I experienced when you really like what you're doing, try to share it, try to explain it, and sadly people just don't care, they just want it to work or to copy it without even thinking why it's working like that.
# Posted By zwetan | 11/7/05 8:50 AM

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