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Yes we ARE Looking for ColdFusion Developers - Send Resume!

Mark Kruger January 29, 2016 2:37 PM Job Openings Comments (1)

Feb. 2016 Job Posting

As many of my readers know, we generally look for new developers every 2 to 3 months. So the time is come again.

Soft Skills

Yes these come first for us.

  • Ownership - You see the big picture and work to accomplish goals for the client rather than checking off individual tasks.
  • Eclectic Tech - You are always picking up widgets, gadgets, languages and libraries to improve your effort for the client.
  • Community - You genuinely love others and are committed to their professional and personal well being.
  • Autodidact - You learn naturally and organically and learning motivates you.
  • Overcommunicator - You enjoy breaking down complex tech ideas into concepts a customer can grasp and use to make decisions. NOTE: this is a core component for us!.
  • Sense of Humor and Fun - You are quirky and fun with a gentle sense of humor that allows you to laugh as well as encourage.
And here are the Tech Skills:
  • Advanced ColdFusion - Yes you will have to complete coding challenge to prove it. no exceptions. :)
  • Environment Setup - You should know how to accomplish a basic local setup including web server (IIS and Apache), CF Application server, checking out code from Git or SVN, using an Eclipse environment etc. You should not be a campaigner for Mac or Windows or Linux - you will end up being exposed to all environments. We don't judge here. :)
  • Advanced Database Skills - You need MySQL, MSSQL and/or Oracle skills for writing queries, stored procedures etc. You should have more than a passing familiarity with DB architecture and design.
  • Some diverse technology skills - Mobile skills are a plus, jQuery, Angular, Node, Java - bring something else to the table.
For more info on what it takes to be a CFWT consultant check out my post on You Might be a Muse All-Star.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you allow telecommuting? Yes all our development positions are full-time remote positions.
  • What sort of dev environment can I expect? We are an eclipse shop and rely on SVN, Jenkins, and an agile like approach to development. Having said that, as an outsource development company we frequently integrate with external teams. Yes, Windows and IIS will no doubt be in play for you.
  • What Industries are you working in? We have sites we develop and maintain in the Financial sector (stocks, options, commodities, retirement planning and management etc.), Tax planning, Civil Government, Insurance, Medical, Pharmaceutical, retail sales, real estate, etc. We have a very broad client list.
  • Will I get to meet the Muse? Of course, but it's probably not all it's cracked up to be.
  • Do you use frameworks? Yes - all of them all the way back to Fusebox 2. We work on new projects in common frameworks like Coldbox, FW/1 or DI/1, but we also support a host of legacy applications done on custom frameworks or with no framework at all. So get ready for multiple challenges.

We pay a competitive salary and benefits. CF Webtools maintains sites on virtually all ColdFusion and Database platforms with dev and QA servers and full SDLC. Our work is challenging, invigorating, sometimes frustrating, but rarely boring. Our development group is full of witty, interesting, overcommunicating and extremely talented developers. It's a true mentoring community. If that sounds like a place you would like to work (and you meet our high skill-set standards) send your resume to - or contact the Muse directly if you like. Tweet me @cfwebtools or use the "Ask a Muse" link on this blog (I'm easy to find). You can also call 402 408 3733 and ask for Mark or Jason - we'll be thrilled to speak with you about our opportunity. The official job posting may be found on our corporate site at the Job Openings page.

Muse Tips

Be prepared to talk about your overall work habits, life experiences and approach to people. Don't fall into the trap of riffing on this tech or that tech or putting something down. Tell us about new things you are doing - complex and interesting problems you have solved and new tech you are excited about.

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    Are you only looking for US citizens?