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Muse Rant: Open Letter to Sales People

In the immortal words of John Cleese "And now for something completely different." Please note that this post is intended to be funny. As a geek with a sort of geek sense of humor I have to say that up front or some folks may miss it. The Muse does not typically castigate sales people over the phone unless they are calling from a NY boiler room (the stock kind - I actually have an affinity for maintenance people). I'm generally nice with the goal of getting off the phone as quickly as possible. But I suppose some of these things are bubbling along inside of me all the same. If this gives you a laugh then I'm pleased, but I am not setting out to offend anyone. If you are trying to make a living calling folks to sell them something you might want to stop here unless you have a thick skin. I know you are just trying to make a living and I wish you success (but don't call me... please don't call me!!). And now....


Adrian J. Moreno's Gravatar For these reasons and more, I deactivated my land line at my last house. I've got one now as part of my FIOS package, but I don't have a phone connected to it just to avoid the odd cold call.

If someone needs to get in touch with me, just Google my name and it's right on top.
# Posted By Adrian J. Moreno | 2/6/12 3:52 PM
Jason Durham's Gravatar Amen, brother.
# Posted By Jason Durham | 2/6/12 4:43 PM
Alycen's Gravatar it's like you are reading my mind... *spooky*
# Posted By Alycen | 2/6/12 5:51 PM
Adam Tuttle's Gravatar I love the SEO companies that aren't on the first page of Google themselves...
# Posted By Adam Tuttle | 2/7/12 8:18 AM
Mark Kruger's Gravatar @adam,

ha - yes.. "flying under the radar" they call that. Nothing like a stealth SEO company.
# Posted By Mark Kruger | 2/7/12 9:27 AM
John Sieber's Gravatar This was a great read and exactly how I feel as well. Must be a certain personality type that makes us feel this way. Glad to know that I'm not the only one that gets so annoyed with the typical sales pitch.
# Posted By John Sieber | 2/7/12 6:57 PM
trishia's Gravatar I agree completely, but I have to say- the phone call from "Susie" in India asking me if I'd like to hear how her web design company could help my company generate more business by creating an awesome site for me was rather fun. I asked her leading questions about how often she works with clients specifically in "my industry", what she could envision for my site, etc. Finally got bored and asked her point blank what she thought my company did... She finally had to admit that she didn't know. When I told her that my current website actually exists to pull in website clients for myself she hung up on me. Off to the next name on the list! Hilarious and kept me occupied while I made dinner :)
# Posted By trishia | 2/8/12 8:43 PM

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