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Omaha: America's Best Kept Secret

Mark Kruger July 20, 2007 12:12 AM Job Openings Comments (1)

What does Warren Buffet know that you don't know (aside from Ben Bernanke's phone number)? Warren is worth billions and he could live anywhere in the world. Where does he choose to live? Right here in Omaha Nebraska. Mr. Buffet lives in the same house that he has lived in for over 40 years. He bought it for 31,500 thousand dollars in the 1958 and it is currently valued at a modest 700 or 800 thousand dollars. He drives himself around town in his late model Cadillac (he auctioned off his Lincoln town car recently). We see him occasionally tooling around with his license plate "THRIFTY". A man that rich and powerful who is so at ease with himself chooses to live right here in middle America. He must know something - right? Actually, Omaha is consistently ranked among the top 10 places to live.

In fact you should consider moving to Omaha. We have all the advantages of a big city but you can still drive anywhere in town in 30 minutes or less. Try that in Los Angeles or Chicago. We have a terrific arts community. We have numerous thriving ethnic communities. We have low crime and a low cost of living. For the price of a modest 3 bedroom house in LA or Boston you can live in a 4000 square foot garage-mahal on the 9th green of one of our excellent golf courses. Not only that, but Omaha is often reported to have more millionaires per capita than any other city in the US. While this report is probably not provable, it has enough credence to find it's way into newspapers and publications (hmmmm... sounds like Warren's not the only smart guy in Omaha). Check out this article for a bit more info on Omaha's affluent nature.

Of course the point of this blog post is to try and attract some Coldfusion talent to Omaha. As usual CF Webtools is currently looking diligently for additional staff. We are looking for at least one advanced developer, but we are taking all resumes and would consider additional staff if you seemed to be a good fit for us. Even if you are a web developer who just wants to learn Coldfusion we would love to check out your credentials and possibly give you a shot. Send your resume to me or Jason and we will contact you. Click here if you want to see the description of the advanced developer position.

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    Online Druckerei | 12/29/07 12:30 PM
    Thanks Mark for your Article. It´s very Interesting. I think i want to try it in Las Vegas, because i fly next year :) Thanks for post this GREAT article